A Convenient Turnout Area

Would you like to incorporate a turn out area adjoining or near your stables for your horses to mooch around in and stretch their legs, while keeping them close by?

A turnout area makes life easier all round – your horses can be turned out for example whilst stables are mucked out; also very useful for a pony prone to laminitis for those times when it’s inadvisable to turn out on grass.

Track System for your Horses

Alpaca-made track in snow, west Wales smallholding

Alpaca track in snow on west Wales smallholding

Also known as ‘paddock paradise’ and fast growing in popularity, the basic principle is that the horses have a (man-made) track around and / or through the existing field(s) which encourages movement and results in healthier & happier horses. Forage (hay) is supplied around the track and ideally one or two water holes (or more, depending on the number of equines) to further encourage movement. In a wild environment of course, animals (horses, sheep, goats etc) create their own tracks which they follow (you can see sheep tracks on mountains in the UK where they are more or less free ranging).

In a domestic environment the track is created by permanent fencing, electric fencing or a combination of both. The rest of your land can then be used to make hay; grazed by other animals; saved for supervised winter grazing; utilised as an exercise area / arena – all depending on the land itself and your requirements of course.

You can simply keep the track natural in places (especially if you are lucky enough to have a wooded area, stream or other natural features) and add hardcore or pea gravel in other areas, maybe where it could be muddy in winter or places of heavy traffic. A ‘sand pit’ can also be added for the horses to roll in and any earth moved may be used to create an interesting bank or feature for the horses to play on and around.

horse track

Track around perimeter of 10-acre field in west Wales

The sky’s the limit really!

We would love to work with you creating a track system (of any size) to suit your land and your horses. What fun you could all have!

Field Shelters

You would probably want to incorporate into a track system at least one field shelter, maybe more, depending on the number of equines and the amount of natural shelter available on your track.

A field shelter is also an invaluable item from which your horses can come and go as they please whether or not you have a track system.

Again, we can build a field shelter/s to suit your pocket and your horses

Please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your requirements whether for a complex track system or a simple turnout area or anything in between. We will work with you to help you realise your dreams and discuss the pros and cons of surfaces, fencing etc – whether for a useful and safe enclosure, field shelter, track system (small or large) or Equicentral setup for your horses.